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Cosmetic fillings

Cosmetic fillings - for flawless teeth.
The beauty of the shape of the teeth is one of the important things for every person, because the flawless shape of the teeth is one of the sources of self-confidence.
And because cosmetic fillings are one of the most prominent compensatory means to fill voids resulting from caries or fractures; The Dent Care clinic is interested in making cosmetic fillings at the top of the services provided in the center, which will help you regain confidence in your smile again. Learn about the details of the service and its most important features below.
Cosmetic fillings
Cosmetic fillings fall under the types of dental fillings that treat the external appearance of the teeth, in addition to that cosmetic fillings work to fill gaps resulting from fractures and decay.
Therefore, we can say that the main goal of cosmetic fillings is to improve the external appearance of the teeth after removing and treating caries.
Types of cosmetic fillings
There are many types of cosmetic fillings, depending on the material from which they are made. Perhaps the most prominent of its types are the following:
Gray filler: It is a mixture of several elements (silver, tin, zinc, copper, mercury).
Gold fillings: It is a mixture of gold with a group of other elements.
Glass ionomer fillers: a mixture of acrylic and fine glass particles.
Ceramic fillings: They are made of porcelain with a color similar to the color of the natural tooth.
Optical filler: It is a mixture that combines glass particles with the addition of processed plastic.
Advantages of cosmetic fillings
Cosmetic fillings have several advantages that make them the most requested service in the Dent Care Clinic, and these features are:
Filling the gaps between the teeth.
Improve the external appearance of the teeth.
Similar to the natural tooth color.
It does not corrode over time.
It works to strengthen the structure of the teeth.
Shatter resistant.
Resists tooth pigmentation.
It is used to restore the front teeth.
Boost people's confidence in their smile.
The quality of the cosmetic fillings at the Dent Care Clinic will help you to enjoy all these advantages, contact us.
Candidate cases for the installation of cosmetic fillings
Cosmetic fillings are usually used in the following cases:
Cases of tooth decay.
Cases that need to restore tooth fractures.
Cases that suffer from spaces between the teeth.
Tips for maintaining cosmetic fillings from the Dent Care Clinic
There are some tips provided by the Dent Care Clinic to preserve cosmetic fillings for the longest period of time, and these tips include:
Not eating solid foods such as (ice cubes, nuts).
Limit sweets
Avoid very hot or cold drinks.
Do not eat sticky foods so that the stuffing does not stick.
The cost of cosmetic fillings
The cost of cosmetic fillings depends on several factors:
The patient's condition.
Caries size.
The type of cosmetic filling that the patient will place.
The skill and experience of the doctor.
The number of teeth that need filling.
The level of service provided by the medical staff in the clinic.
Tools and equipment used by the doctor in filling.
Dent Care Clinic..the best
Dentcare clinic comes at the forefront of dental clinics that provide cosmetic fillings service in Egypt, which is characterized by the following:
Reliance on the finest filling materials for natural teeth in color and shape.
Medical staff at the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.
A level of cleanliness and sterilization comparable to the best dental centers.
The experience and competence of the supportive team of the medical staff, including nursing and assistants.
Competitive prices compared to the quality of the materials used.
If you want to install cosmetic fillings and enjoy its multiple advantages with the best care and quality, you must visit our website to learn about the possibility of booking an appointment.

Dental Implants

Baby teeth - healthy baby teeth
Children's teeth (baby teeth) are exposed to many problems, most notably decay or fracture. Therefore, this stage requires attention and periodic follow-up of the condition of the teeth in order to remedy and treat any problem at the beginning.
The Dent Care Clinic provides a periodic follow-up service for children's teeth to treat any problems first-hand to protect them from decay or deviation. In this article, we learn together about the causes of children's teeth decay and how to maintain and care for them.
deciduous teeth
The deciduous teeth are the first set of teeth that appear in the child, and they consist of 20 teeth that begin to appear at the age of 6 months. The deciduous teeth are called by several names:
Children's teeth.
Fallen teeth.
Primary teeth.
milk teeth.
Temporary teeth.
Stages of the emergence of children's teeth
The stages of the emergence of children's teeth are divided into three stages
The first stage (milk teeth): It begins to appear from the beginning of the age of 6 months to 6 years.
The second stage (the mixed stage): It is the stage of completion of the molars and the loss of some teeth, and it starts from the age of 6 years to 12 years.
The third stage (permanent teeth): permanent teeth begin to appear from the age of 12 years and last until the end.
The importance of children's dental health
Taking care of milk teeth is not considered a luxury or a secondary matter, but it is a necessity necessitated by the importance of the safety of milk teeth, which is represented in:
Helping children in the process of chewing well.
Improve pronunciation and correct letters.
Improve the child's appearance when smiling, which gives him self-confidence.
Common problems of children's teeth
Children's teeth are exposed to many problems that affect the health and shape of their teeth, and the most common of these problems are:
tooth decay
It is one of the most common problems facing children's teeth. Children's tooth decay is not only caused by eating sweets, but also occurs during the breastfeeding period, especially if the child continues to breastfeed at night.
Oral infections
Infections occur as a result of not taking care of oral hygiene daily, and the spread of microbes.
Tooth discoloration
In this case, the natural color of the teeth changes to black, due to increased pigmentation of the teeth.
In this case, you must go to the Dent Care clinic to quickly treat the matter.
Erosion and weakness of the teeth
This is due to the frequent intake of sweets and excessive drinking of soft drinks, which leads to cracking of the tooth enamel and thus erosion of the teeth.
Dent Care Clinic offers you ways to prevent problems facing children's teeth
The Dent Care Clinic offers some instructions that must be adhered to in order to maintain the health of children's milk teeth, which are:
Maintain daily dental hygiene with a milk toothbrush.
Eat more healthy foods rich in fiber and minerals to strengthen tooth enamel.
Prevent children from eating sweets a lot.
Avoid children drinking soft drinks.
The mother's keenness to ensure that the child finishes feeding and brushes his teeth.
Contact Dent Care Clinic
Dentcare Clinic provides an outstanding level of service to take care of your children's teeth, thanks to:
Outstanding medical staff.
Tools and materials used.
Attention to the psychological aspect of the child during his presence in the clinic
Providing play areas inside the clinic so that the child can get rid of his fear of the dentist.
Relying on the latest technology to treat dental problems without pain.
To preserve your child's teeth and resist any problem he is exposed to, you can visit our website to view the services provided by the Dent Care Clinic for children's dental care and to enjoy the advantages offered by the clinic.

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